Iron Horse Series 100% Iso Whey Protein - 900g

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Iron Horse Series 100% ISO WHEY (900 gr)

9 377 Ft
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Tömeg900 g

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Adagolás:Oldj fel egy adagolókanállal (30 gr) 250 ml vízben vagy tejben, shakerben vagy turmixgépben. Napi 1-2 alkalommal javasolt fogyasztani, reggel és edzés után. Lehet valamelyik napközbeni étkezést helyettesíteni vele. Whey protein powder is undoubtedly one of the supplements most commonly used by strength athletics and fitness lovers, as well as by anyone who wants to supplement protein deficiency in their everyday diet and there is nothing unusual in this fact, because this protein is characterized by very high bioavailability and anabolic properties, while alpha lactalbumin and beta-lactoglobulin that it contains are one of the best assimilable proteins in our body.  
ISO WHEY is a full protein source, which means that it contains all 9 indispensable amino acids and contrary to casein protein, it is easily dissolvable in liquid environments and on various pH ranges, which makes it more assimilable.
ISO WHEY is produced by means of membrane filtration techniques, thanks to which the content of the protein reaches as much as 90% and the protein is easier digestible than it has ever been before. A very low content of fat and almost total elimination of carbohydrates makes the product perfect especially for those beneficiaries of this top class supplement that are physically active and are looking for an optimal way to supply their bodies with proteins of the highest absorption level, accepting at the same time no compromise.
ISO WHEY is not only a wonderful source of protein as such, but it also delivers a wide range of amino acids, indispensable for functioning of our body, its structure, muscle regeneration, hormone production, adipose tissue reduction or proper functioning of the central nervous system. Therefore, if you are looking for a product that will be the best supplement for protein and amino acid deficiency in your everyday menu, you should try ISO WHEY. Így is ismerheti: 100 Iso Whey Protein 900 g, 100IsoWheyProtein900g, 100% Iso Whey Protein 900g, 100IsoWheyProtein-900g, 100 % Iso Whey Protein - 900g, 100% Iso Whey Protein - 900 g
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